Lawn and Garden Equipment

The largest of the walk behind tillers is the rear tine model. This model is often the heaviest of the tillers, but is the tiller of choice if you are exceeding a 10 x 10 area. The tines dig deeply into hard compacted soil by you putting your weight above and pushing downward on the handle above the rear tines. For renovating large sections of yards or a good size garden, particularly with hardend soil, this unit works best. Rear tines need either a small pickup truck, minivan, or SUV to transport due to their length and weight. Our rear tine tillers include a small trailer for transport.     (16HP)  $45/3hrs   $105/day w/trailer
The front tine tiller is lighter and easier to transport, and does a good job in limited sized areas where the soil has been tilled before. Should you till your garden consistantly, this unit will work fine. However, due to it's design, to dig deep, you pust lift up on the handle, making them more strenuous to use. However, for smaller areas less than 10 x 10, it would do the job at less cost. The front tine is smaller and easier to manuever in tighter areas than the rear tine model. The front tine models may fit in many auto trunks with tie downs, but a small pickup, minivan, or SUV is recommended for transport.    (3HP) $24/3hrs   $56/day   (5HP) $30/3hrs  $70/day
Another great option, particularly for small patches of ground or flower beds is the mini cultivator. These units are easy to transport and easy to use. They are easy to lift, and can fit in many car trunks with ease. A single person can lift these units with ease. Their light weight makes them easy to use around obstacles. If you have areas of your lawn that are having problems growing grass and are heavily compacted from foot traffic, try one of these units to loosen the top 4 inches of soil in order to give roots a chance during re-seeding. These units require a gas-oil mix to operate, like most leaf blowers, chain saws, or string trimmers.    $18/3hrs   $42/day

Now, if you have too large of ground to cover, even with the 16HP model, you may want to consider the Toro Dingo with landscape attachment. This powerful unit will work a lot of ground in a hurry. Great for new whole-yard renovations or installations, ball fields, and commercial ground rejuvenation. This combination Dingo TX525 and cultivator attachment rents for $210/day. This is a big machine for a big job, BRING IT ON!

The Toro Dingo has lots of attachments including trencher, post hole digger, and material handling options. So if you need some heavy duty help where tearing up the landscape is not an option, come see what the Dingo can do for you!

This little Stihl digger is great for planting large amounts of bulbs. While not as heavy duty as most post hole diggers, it is much lighter and easy to handle by a single person. It allows you to stand upright and drill holes, instead on getting on your hands and knees using a drill auger. So if you are in the landscaping business and typically plant hundreds of bulbs are annuals at a time, this little gadget may be just the ticket you need to get the job done.   $18/3 hours or $42/day. These units are also available for sale along with a full line of Stihl equipment including blowers, chainsaws, and string trimmers.
Now what if you have a lot of larger holes to dig for fence or deck posts, and you are by yourself? This Ground Hog digger allows a person to dig holes all by themselves, with a lot less effort than a 2-man auger (particularly if you do not have a person helping you). Save your back and rent this unit for $36/3 hours $84/day. You can tow this behind your vehicle so you don't need to borrow a pickup truck.
This unit has been used by many for a long time, called a 2-man auger. It is called so because it takes two people to lift it and operate it, each person standing next to the hole to be dug. It is heavy duty and can do the work in areas that are not accessable using other equipment like on hillsides. It is also cheaper to rent and very useful if you have help and you don't have a lot of holes to dig. It does a good job but requires a bit of effort. This unit rents for $27/ 3 hours or $63/day.
Now we are getting into the heavy duty post hole diggers. This is the kind of equipment that can help you with footings for decks and volume tree or shrub plantings. It's wider auger is just the trick to make it work. If you want to plant a tree or two, get a shovel. If you want to plant 5 trees and 15 bushes, well that is a lot of shoveling. Rent this for $170/4 hours or $230 day (includes Dingo, auger attachment, and 24" auger). This will require delivery or trailer rental if needed at extra charge. If you have the job for it, the Toro Dingo with auger attachment is up to the challenge. It is a walk-behind that fits easily through most fences and doesn't tear up your yard!
Now here's a big daddy, the Bobcat with auger attached. You could do fenceposts and trees with this, particularly if you have a commercial job with lots of holes to be dug. While you're at it, dig some holes for light poles. This is best used for new lot construction where the tires won't tear up new grass. If you have 20 light poles or 20 trees, and 30 bushes to put in, this maybe your best option! A Bobcat skidsteer rental with post hole auger is about $265/day. This does not include delivery if needed.
If you have a large area to seed, or just want to do a thorough job of reseeding your lawn, the fall is the best time of year due to cooler temperatures and better moisture. One sure way to get the results you want is to get uniform coverage of seed placed in contact with the soil. This Billy Goat Seeder drops seeds uniformly out a front tray and the rotating tines slide the soil so that the seeds are placed in the small trenches. Run back and forth at 45 degree angles using good grass seed, keep watered and use a good starter fertilizer, and you will be truly amazed at the results. This unit rents for $51/ 3 hours or $119/day. If you are going to spend the big bucks on grass seed and fertilizer, then you better make sure the seed is planted properly! You could also hand rake your entire yard, but how much fun would that really be? Three hours is good enough to do most front and back yards.
Here is a overseeder by Blue Bird. It has a seed container located behind the tines and is better suited for overseeding applications, since the tines do not come into contract with the seed as it drops as with models that have the seeds drop in front of the tines. This unit rents for $33/ 3 hours or $77/day. The tines tend to drag you along behind it, but for overseeding, particularly if you run it over the area several times at 45 degree angle, it will do a fine job. The existing grass blades and roughed up soil should provide a good seed bed.
One of the most commonly used aerators is this powered core aerator by Ryan. It is self-propelled with rotary steel cores that go deep into the soil to give your lawn a healthy dose of oxygen and nutrients. Regular use of this device will make your lawn greener and thicker by reducing the compaction of the soil. This unit rents for $36/ 3 hours or $84/day. You can easily do your front and backyard in 3 hours, if not in one, since you need only go over the same area once. Make sure you lawn is moist before using this machine to get the most penetration. A good watering the day before using would be sufficient. A trailer is available to rent for an additional $10.
We have several of these tow-behind aerators available to rent. They are generally used for large areas and are pulled with riding mowers, atv's or other suitable vehicles. You can fit the small one (32") in a pickup truck and put the water into the jugs on top to apply the weight as needed. The 48" commercial requires a trailer. We have several size widths available including a 32" width $18/ 3 hour or $42/day, and the 48" commercial rents for $30/3 hours or $70/day.
The Ryan sod cutter easily removes sod from you lawn. It can be used for creating a garden or flower beds, patios, or walkways. You can keep your good sod for replanting or toss your bad sod away. It sure beats removing sod with a tiller. This items rents for $45/ 3 hours or $90/day. Rental includes a specially designed trailer which requires a 2" ball.